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Keep your equipment running at full capacity with reliable PROCON™ pumps and inlet strainers from R.D. Strickland Inc. We sell and repair PROCON pumps. Repair kits available.
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Get quality you can depend on. We are the Canadian distributor and refurbisher for Fluid-o-Tech products, including positive displacement pumps.
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Power your pump with a reliable motor. At R.D. Strickland Inc. we sell and install pump motors that are easy to set up and mount.

Our Story

Contact R.D. Strickland Inc. for sales and service of precision PROCON pumps from the industry's top manufacturers. Based in Erin, Ontario, we are the only authorized, factory-trained PROCON pumps rebuilding and sales facility in Canada. We are also factory trained by Fluid-o-Tech in rebuilding and sales.

As a family-owned business, we are committed to quality service and we strive to create lifelong relationships with our customers. We have the experience and expertise to handle all your PROCON™ pumps needs and we are always happy to take on new challenges. We have worked with a wide range of clients, including hospitals, reverse osmosis water treatment companies, the welding industry, solar system companies, and more.  Contact R.D. Strickland Inc. in Canada at (800) 265-3345 for sales and service of precision fluid pumps. We have PROCON and Fluid-o-Tech pumps which are the best around!

Contact us for high-quality pumps from top manufacturers.